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Author: 葉卜榮
Thesis Title: 數位內容媒體廣告獲利策略-以科技新報為例
The Advertising Monetization Strategy of Digital Content Provider: The Case of Technews
Advisor: 欒斌
Pin Luarn
Committee: 李國光
Gwo-Guang Lee
Ruey-Huei Yeh
Degree: 碩士
Department: 管理學院 - 管理研究所
Graduate Institute of Management
Thesis Publication Year: 2016
Graduation Academic Year: 104
Language: 中文
Pages: 40
Keywords (in Chinese): 數位內容媒體網路廣告AdSense原生廣告
Keywords (in other languages): digital media content, online advertising, AdSense, native advertising
Reference times: Clicks: 260Downloads: 1
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  • 本管理個案的個案公司為科技新報,科技新報為目前國內數位內容媒體的領導者,主要觀察資訊科技、能源、半導體、行動運算、網際網路、醫療、生物科技等相關領域的產業訊息,以產出有觀點與特色的原創文章為主要任務。

    The target company of this management case is TechNews, a leading Taiwan-based leading media company which focusing on areas including information technology, energy, semiconductors, mobile computing, Internet, medical, biotech and other industries messages. This company primary task is to produce original articles with unique and distinguishing view.
    At recent days, the influence of traditional media has been weakening. It is certain that most of the people are spending less and less time per week on it. Instead, we are experiencing the raise of the new media. Comparing with the traditional type, this new media type of company generally is with flatter organization structure; management is also with more freedom to recruit and attract a decent number of talented journalists. It sounds that the entry barrier of forming a new media company is low, so lots of people join the competition without thinking clearly. However, they all face the same challenge eventually – to covert “traffics” into “revenue’. In this case, the manager of the target company is currently contemplating the future strategy out of current predicament – should he keep being very profit-oriented in the near term or should he protect the core value of TechNews brand as the long-term primary goal?
    This case study is divided into two parts – case background introduction and case discussion. The study of this case could enable readers to understand the different models of internet advertising and how the revenue is calculated as well as basic terms of this specific industry, thereby allowing digital content managers to have better analysis when considering what type of the ads they should choose to work with and what could be the potential consequences using fragmentary data they get handy. This case study is offering to make a more accurate evaluation on the effectiveness of ads strategy and it could be implement on the real life managerial decisions. This will help to look into the profit streams and analysis what could be the future implication from different angles.

    摘要I ABSTRACTII 誌謝III 目錄IV 表目錄VI 圖目錄VI 壹、個案本文1 一、序文1 二、個案背景3 (一)、科技新報3 (二)、經營團隊4 三、台灣內容媒體所面臨的環境及挑戰6 (一)、內容貶值6 (二)、內容農場充斥與閱讀習慣改變8 (三)、數位內容媒體獲利來源9 四、科技新報的網路廣告策略10 五、網路廣告報價12 貳、教學手冊16 一、個案總覽16 二、教學目標與適用課程16 三、學生課前討論問題17 四、個案背景18 五、個案分析19 (一)、網路廣告基本術語19 (二)、網路廣告版位規畫24 (三)、網路廣告成效報表解析26 (四)、網路廣告績效指標試算27 六、結論28 七、教學建議29 八、板書規劃30 參、參考文獻34 一、中文部分34 二、網站部分34 肆、附錄36 附錄一、GOOGLE ADSENSE測試一個月成效表36 附錄二、新媒體收益來源37 附錄三、常見網路行銷廣告模式37 (一)、橫幅廣告37 (二)、按紐廣告38 (三)、軟文廣告38 (四)、插播式廣告38 (五)、互動式廣告39 (六)、內容廣告39 (七)、關鍵字廣告39 (八)、影音廣告40 (九)、蓋版式廣告40 (十)、LBS廣告40 (十一)、行動Banner廣告40 (十二)、電子傳單 EDM40 (十三)、廣告贊助式的電子郵件40

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