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    A dream - fulfilling platform for non-traditional creditors - P2P online bidding


    Focus on Information Security, Co-Opetition in Cloud Service - A case study of Openfind Software Company


    Chang the Mindset brings Innovative Talent in Your Company


    The Business Model of Training and Seminar Industry -The case study of Fortune Education


    Sample not Simple:Frontier Unleashes Infinite Textile Possibilities with AI


    A Study on the Integration and Operational Transformation of the Taiwan Solar Energy Industry - Taking Company Y as the Research Object


    Business Decision-Making of the Network Communication Accessories Industry Under Trade War: A Case Study of Company T
    • Department of Industrial Management /111/ Master
    • Author: YI-MING CHIANG Advisor: Shi-Woei Lin
    • The case company, Company T, is a vertically integrated company engaged in the manufacturing of net…
    • Clicks: 396Downloads: 9
    • Full text public date 2033/07/08 (Internet public)
    • Full text public date 2033/07/08 (National library)