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Author: 牛愛元
Thesis Title: 基於區塊鏈技術之自動化 COVID-19 病原接觸追蹤及警告系統設計
On the Design of Automatic COVID-19 Patient Contact Tracing and Alerting System based on Blockchain Technology
Advisor: 羅乃維
Nai-Wei Lo
Committee: 楊傳凱
Chuan-Kai Yang
Jheng-Jia Huang
Degree: 碩士
Department: 管理學院 - 資訊管理系
Department of Information Management
Thesis Publication Year: 2022
Graduation Academic Year: 110
Language: 英文
Pages: 36
Keywords (in Chinese): 區塊鏈接觸者追蹤隱私保護自動化
Keywords (in other languages): blockchain, contact tracing, privacy preserving, automation
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  • 隨著COVID-19的爆發和肆虐,對全世界的經濟、社會、教育和各方面都帶來嚴重的負面影響。為了減緩病毒的快速傳播,不論是政府還是民間機構都致力於找尋方法,而疫情追蹤(Contact tracing)即是其中一個常用來減緩病毒傳播的方式。現今常見的疫情追蹤系統是利用手機應用程式收集使用者在地理位置上和其他應用程式使用者的接觸紀錄,並提供自行比對的功能,使得使用者可以自行評估是否需要進行自我隔離。而為了防止使用者的隱私洩漏,現存的系統將用戶的隱私資料儲存在用戶端裝置上,需要使用者自行上傳資料並比對,這將會大幅降低使用者使用時的方便性。

    As the COVID-19 pandemic has been raging since 2020, it has had serious impact on the economy, society and many aspects of the world. In order to slow down the rapid spread of the virus, governments or organizations are committed to finding solutions. Contact tracing is one of the common methods to reduce the number of confirmed cases. However, the existing contact tracing systems usually require users to upload data by themselves, and does not automatically compare contact data or send notification. This will greatly decrease the convenience for users.
    This thesis proposes an automatic contact tracing and alerting system based on blockchain technology, hoping to provide automatic notification as well as protect user’s privacy. In our proposed system, we use the characteristics of blockchain such as data anonymity and data transparency. We stored users’ private data anonymously and use smart contracts to interact with blockchain ledger and server. Finally, we also did prototype implementation and performance analysis of the proposed system to ensure the actual usability of the system.

    摘要 I Abstract II 誌謝 III Table of Contents IV List of Figures VI List of Tables VII Chapter 1 Introduction 1 1.1 Background 1 1.2 Objective and Contribution 2 Chapter 2 Preliminaries 4 2.1 Blockchain Technology 4 2.2 Smart Contract 6 2.3 Hyperledger Fabric 6 Chapter 3 Related Work 8 3.1 Blockchain-based Application 8 3.2 Contact Tracing 9 Chapter 4 Proposed System 10 4.1 System Scenario 10 4.2 System Architecture 10 4.3 System Design 14 Chapter 5 Prototype Implementation and Analysis 18 5.1 Prototype Implementation 18 5.2 System Analysis 19 Chapter 6 Conclusion 22 Reference 23

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