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    Application of deep learning technology for detecting the status of work items in construction site images
    • Department of Civil and Construction Engineering /111/ Master
    • Author: Wan-Yu Chen Advisor: Hung-Ming Chen
    • The recent advancements in technology have led to the maturity of artificial intelligence image rec…
    • Clicks: 219Downloads: 0
    • Full text public date 2026/02/10 (Intranet public)
    • Full text public date 2028/02/10 (Internet public)
    • Full text public date 2028/02/10 (National library)


    Design of an Intrusion Detection System Using Transformer along with Pre-Processing of Window-Based Packets in the Internet of Things
    • Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering /111/ Master
    • Author: Yu-Jyun Han Advisor: Huei-Wen Ferng
    • With the widespread application of the Internet of things (IoT) in various fields, the associated c…
    • Clicks: 522Downloads: 0
    • Full text public date 2025/08/31 (Intranet public)
    • Full text public date 2025/08/31 (Internet public)
    • Full text public date 2025/08/31 (National library)


    Seismic Rapid Evaluation of Buildings Using Computer Vision and Deep Learning Methods


    Direct Edge-to-Edge Local-learning-assisted Heterogeneous Model-based Split Federated Transfer Learning


    A study on the relationship between consumers' facial expressions and consumption intention - A case of consumers' browsing process of online travel agency.


    Improving Shadow Removal Network with Morphological Operations


    Classification and Models Comparison of Fetal Sex based on ECG


    Intelligent Architecture for Detecting Phishing Websites


    Multi Label Classification Object Detection Based on Residual Neural Network


    3D K-mer-based Object Recognition and Reconstruction for Robotic Grasping of Spherical and Cylindrical Objects