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    Chinese-Flute Sound Synthesis Using Spectral HMM Models and Waveform Envelope Model


    Structural Learning of Attack Vectors for Mutated XSS Attacks Generation


    Human Actions Recognition Techniques Based on the Learning Mechanism of HMMs


    A PCA and ANN Based Timbre Conversion Method for Synthesizing a Famous Person's Speech


    Speaker Recognition based on Support Vector Machine with Feature Selection


    Singing Voice Signal Segmentation Methods Integrating Acoustic-guiding Rules into HMM Based Best-Path Searching


    A Mandarin Speech Synthesis System Combining HMM Spectrum Model and ANN Prosody Model


    Objects Tracking in Nonstationary Environment
    • Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering /94/ Master
    • Author: Yu-Hsiang Lee Advisor: Hsing-Kuo Pao
    • We propose a method for tracking moving objects in a nonstationary environment. While for stationar…
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    • Full text public date 2008/07/26 (Intranet public)
    • Full text public date This full text is not authorized to be published. (Internet public)
    • Full text public date 2016/07/26 (National library)