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    Production Rules for the Arrangement of Osteomorphic Block
    • Department of Architecture /111/ Master
    • Author: Tsung-Wei Cheng Advisor: Shen-Guan Shih
    • Over the years, researchers have been searching for an approach to manage the complexity of arc…
    • Clicks: 97Downloads: 5


    Research on the Feasibility of Promoting Flame-Retardant Bedding in Senior Citizen Welfare Institutions by Interview Method
    • Department of Architecture /111/ Master
    • Author: Chang-Wei Huang Advisor: Ching-Yuan Lin
    • It is estimated that China will be close to the standard of a super-aged society by 2025, so the go…
    • Clicks: 177Downloads: 1
    • Full text public date 2033/08/16 (Internet public)
    • Full text public date 2033/08/16 (National library)


    Application Design of Visual Perception and Modeling Function of Buildings for Public Health
    • Department of Architecture /110/ Master
    • Author: Wei-Qun Cai Advisor: Yan-Ting Chen
    • Mass casualties and economic damage worldwide caused by Covid-19 came unexpectedly, it became a ser…
    • Clicks: 250Downloads: 1


    Acoustic Responses and Listening Impression of Six Roof Shapes in a Music Practice Space: A Case Study of Jazz Campus at Basel, Switzerland
    • Department of Architecture /107/ Master
    • Author: Pandu Dewata Tedja Buana Advisor: Shin-Jyun Tsaih
    • A music exercise space is a room with the purpose of facilitating musicians being able to improve t…
    • Clicks: 270Downloads: 26


    Location Decision of Reusing Vacant School Space for Senior Care Center
    • Department of Architecture /106/ Master
    • Author: Yen-Ping Chang Advisor: Yi-kai Juan
    • Taiwan faces the problem of an aging population. The elderly living style is quite different from t…
    • Clicks: 319Downloads: 14


    This model for effectively evaluate the effectiveness of the application of the theory of Green Development


    From group to community - social housing design
    • Department of Architecture /104/ Master
    • Author: TSANG-CHIEH CHUANG Advisor: I-Hsu Chiu
    • Living is a basic human need, and everyone needs to have a comfortable place to stay. In recent yea…
    • Clicks: 337Downloads: 37


    Import Fire Evacuation safety Analysis of deserted Community Space Redevelopment:In Min Hwan New village Case
    • Department of Architecture /105/ Master
    • Author: Kuan-Yu Lin Advisor: Ching-Yuan Lin
    • In recent years, the cultural assets preservation trend has been rise. Historical buildings redevel…
    • Clicks: 243Downloads: 13


    Collaborative Learning in Design Education -- a Game-theory Approach
    • Department of Architecture /105/ Master
    • Author: Yu-Ren - Ho Advisor: Shen-Guan Shih
    • Purpose - This study looks into the formation of collaborative learning in design education. Desig…
    • Clicks: 554Downloads: 5


    The Application on the design concept of architecture deriving from design thinking:by the practices of three international architectural competitions.
    • Department of Architecture /103/ Master
    • Author: Huai-sheng Yang Advisor: I-Ting Chuang
    • Architecture design is a complex subject, it involves various aspects, including art, culture, natu…
    • Clicks: 403Downloads: 17