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    A Study of Using Financial Ratios to Predict Corporate Financial Crisis: A Case Study of Listed Electronics Industry
    • Graduate Institute of Management /106/ Master
    • Author: SHU-HUI TSAI Advisor: Joseph C.P. Shieh
    • This research uses the Logistic regression analysis to establish a financial early-warning model. D…
    • Clicks: 329Downloads: 0
    • Full text public date 2023/06/12 (Intranet public)
    • Full text public date 2028/06/12 (Internet public)
    • Full text public date 2028/06/12 (National library)


    An Empirical Study of the Financial Distress Prediction Models for the Listed Companies from Electronics Manufacturing Industry in Taiwan: A Comparison between the Logistic Model and the KMV Model
    • Graduate Institute of Finance /105/ Master
    • Author: Chia-Ling Su Advisor: Wei-Chung Miao
    • Constructing an effective measure of the credit risk model to alert the business of a potential fin…
    • Clicks: 535Downloads: 10
    • Full text public date 2022/07/24 (Intranet public)
    • Full text public date 2067/07/24 (Internet public)
    • Full text public date 2022/07/24 (National library)