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Author: 侯尊堯
Zun-Yao Hou
Thesis Title: 基於形狀與高度之路徑比對
Path Comparison Based on Shape and Height
Advisor: 楊傳凱
Chuan-Kai Yang
Committee: 楊傳凱
Chuan-Kai Yang
Yuan-Cheng Lai
Bor-Shen Lin
Degree: 碩士
Department: 管理學院 - 資訊管理系
Department of Information Management
Thesis Publication Year: 2020
Graduation Academic Year: 108
Language: 中文
Pages: 63
Keywords (in Chinese): 形狀上下文動態時間規劃內插搜尋
Keywords (in other languages): Shape Context, Dynamic Time Warping, Interpolation Search
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  • 運動風氣的提升帶動運動相關應用程式的興起,其中許多跑步應用程式能夠設定路線、目標,也可以記錄運動軌跡,但這些應用程式都無法自動為使用者規劃路線,無法滿足那些具有訓練需求,想要特定高低起伏或趣味性形狀路線的使用者。


    The craze for sports has caused the booming of sports-related applications. Many of these running applications can set routes, goals, and record sports tracks. However, these applications can’t automatically plan routes for users who want specific elevation routes or routes with interesting shapes.

    In view of the fact that there have been few previous researches on path comparison according to shape or height of the corresponding routes, this paper proposes an algorithm that can automatically find a route that meets the user’s requirements within a specific area. This paper consists of two parts. Dealing with the 2D case, the first part is to extract the feature points of a desired shape given by a user and the background, and use the shape context by removing the noise to perform the feature point matching. Then, we can get a closed route in a given area that approximates the outline of the desired shape. The second part is focusing on the height of routes in the 3D space. According to a user’s desired route containing distance and height, we do interpolation searches on the background to select candidate routes. After that, we use dynamic time warping to compare normalized 2D height sequences to find a route that best meets the conditions in a given area. Finally, the result will be presented on an interactive webmap, which is convenient for users to browse.

    中文摘要 英文摘要 誌謝 目 錄 圖目錄 表目錄 第一章 緒論 1.1 研究動機與目的 1.2 論文架構 第二章 文獻探討 2.1 OSMnx 2.2 影像處理 2.2.1 輪廓偵測 2.2.2 特徵提取 2.3 圖像比對 2.4 動態時間規劃 2.5 路徑推薦系統 第三章 演算法設計與系統實作 3.1 系統流程 3.2 影像前處理 3.2.1 路網圖像的生成 3.2.2 邊緣偵測 3.2.3 Harris角點偵測 3.2.4 建立特徵點連線關係 3.3 形狀比對 3.3.1 形狀上下文(Shape Context) 3.3.2 雜訊過濾 3.3.3 相似性度量 3.4 高度比對 3.4.1 內插搜尋篩選路線 3.4.2 動態時間規劃(DTW) 第四章 結果展示與分析 4.1 系統環境 4.2 結果展示與分析 4.2.1 形狀比對結果與分析 4.2.2 高度比對結果 4.3 問卷調查 4.4 研究限制 第五章 結論與未來展望 參考文獻

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