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Author: 莊哲偉
Che-Wei Chuang
Thesis Title: 在雲端環境下一個安全且提供資料完整性驗證的群組資料存取協定
A Secure Group Data Access Protocol with Provable Data Possession for Cloud Environment
Advisor: 羅乃維
Nai-Wei Lo
Committee: 吳宗成
Tzong-Chen Wu
Ray-Lin Tso
Degree: 碩士
Department: 管理學院 - 資訊管理系
Department of Information Management
Thesis Publication Year: 2014
Graduation Academic Year: 102
Language: 英文
Pages: 30
Keywords (in Chinese): 群組秘鑰資料完整性雲端運算外部資料儲存
Keywords (in other languages): Authenticated group key, data integrity, cloud computing, outsourcing data storage
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  • 隨著雲端服務的增長,像是Amazon, Yahoo!, Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud,這些雲端服務提供商,提供了使用者可擴展性的資料儲存服務,且比起傳統的方法更有效率。像是我們會使用這些來儲存我們的電子郵件、線上備份、圖片或是一些重要的文件,但由於儲存在雲端上的資料可能因為一些軟硬上的錯誤或是人為因素,輕易的就遺失或是毀壞,因此驗證在雲端上的資料完整性就成為了關鍵的議題。為了解決這個問題,近年來,有許多的方法都已經被提出來了,但不幸的是,這些方法都只針對個人資料做探討。

    An increasing number of cloud services, such as Amazon, Yahoo!, Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud, provides efficient and scalable data storage services at a considerably lower marginal cost than providers employing traditional ap-proaches. Uses of this type of storage include online data backup, photo sharing, and applications related to email and crucial documents. However, data stored in a cloud are vulnerable to loss, corruption through hardware and software fail-ures, and human errors. Thus, verifying the authenticity of data has emerged as a critical concern regarding data storage on cloud servers.
    To address the vulnerabilities of cloud-stored data, many approaches have been proposed. However, most of these approaches focus only on the data of indi-vidual users.
    This study addressed the data of groups and focused on categories that are generally considered crucial: testaments, vital contracts between organizations, and contracts between countries. Thus, to improve the security of cloud-stored group data, a verification protocol for group users based on the short signature protocol developed by Zhang et al. and the authenticated group key agreement protocol developed by Tsai is proposed.

    中文摘要 I Abstract II 誌謝 III CONTENTS IV List of Figures V List of Tables VI Chapter 1 Introduction 1 Chapter 2 Related work 4 Chapter 3 The proposed protocol 12 3.1 Description and Assumption 12 3.2 Notations 14 3.3 Storing procedure 15 3.4 Querying procedure 16 3.5 Data integrity verification 17 Chapter 4 Security Analysis 20 Chapter 5 Conclusions 26 References 27

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