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Author: 江明輝
Ming-Hui Chiang
Thesis Title: 遊覽車客運業價值創新之個案研究 - 以乙泰通運為研究對象
Value Innovation Case Study of Tour Buses Passenger Transport - Taking Yi Tai Co. as the research object
Advisor: 梁瓊如
Chiung-Ju Liang
Committee: 彭雲宏
Yeng-Horng Perng
Kung-Jeng Wang
Degree: 碩士
Department: 管理學院 - 管理研究所
Graduate Institute of Management
Thesis Publication Year: 2017
Graduation Academic Year: 105
Language: 中文
Pages: 89
Keywords (in Chinese): 遊覽車藍海策略價值創新品牌創新
Keywords (in other languages): Tourism transport, Blue ocean strategy, Value innovation, Brand innovation
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  • 遊覽車客運業是特許行業,也是一個高成本、高風險、低利潤的行業,不屬於大眾運輸,也不屬於觀光產業,但對整體觀光產業發展佔有舉足輕重的角色。在運輸業中是一個特殊,處境也尷尬的產業。市場非常競爭,價格沒有依據。經營型態相似性高,彼此間難有良性競爭,目前供過於求,過量的供給直接影響價格平衡,削價競爭的惡性循環,進而影響品質。

    Tourism transport industry is a concession industry, is also a high cost, high risk, low profit industry, does not belong to the public transport, nor is the tourism industry, but the overall tourism industry occupies a pivotal role. In the transport industry is a special, the situation is also embarrassing industry. The market is very competitive, the price is no basis. Business type has a high similarity, it is difficult to compete with each other, the current oversupply, excessive supply directly affect the price balance, price competition, the vicious cycle, and thus affect the quality.
    The company in this case is a good quality of the enterprise, but also the Ministry of Transportation for ten consecutive years of excellent quality of quality students in the tourism transport industry brand for all to see. In this industry which is accident frequently, lack of competion, to find the core competitiveness, the internal elimination of complex forms of information, reduce the amount of traffic contractors to enhance the company to send car system and car network management services, to create free APP value-added services and travel agency business, trying to grasp the future market trends, improve customer satisfaction and market competitiveness, and these differences so that customers feel to meet customer needs, to achieve value innovation and brand innovation.
    In this study, we will take Yi Tai tourism transport industry for example to analyze the four operational frameworks of Blue Ocean Strategy and innovative business models to explore the opportunities for the toursim transport business, and provide it to other decision makers who face similar situation reference and inspiration.

    一、緒論 1.研究背景與動機 2.研究目的 3.研究流程 二、文獻探討 1.價值創新 2.顧客價值與營運服務創新 3.管理與技術創新 4.價值創新開創市場 5.成長之策略 三、遊覽車客運業概況 1.遊覽車客運業概況 2.遊覽車車輛概況 3.遊覽車駕駛員概況 四、遊覽車客運業個案研究 1.個案背景與創業歷程 2.藍海策略行動方案 3.價值要素金字塔 五、結論與建議 1.研究結論 2.研究建議 文獻 附錄

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