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    TSE: Two-Step Elimination for MLC STT-RAM Last-Level Cache


    MFTL: Design and Implementation for Multi-Level Cell Flash Memory Storage Systems


    An Open-System Framework for Flash-Memory Storage Systems
    • Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering /98/ Master
    • Author: Shang-Yang Chang Advisor: Jen-Wei Hsieh
    • 由於輕便、抗震、存取快速、低耗電以及高密度等特性,快閃記憶體廣泛地被用在消費性電子產品及手持裝置上。快閃記憶體可分成單階儲存單元和多階儲存單元兩種。前者是早期的快閃記憶體設計,每一個儲存單元可儲存一…
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