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Author: 簡韜
Thesis Title: 基於深度學習的Android行動裝置人臉偵測與辨識
Face Detection And Recognition in Android Mobile Device based on Deep Neural Network
Advisor: 洪西進
Shi-Jinn Horng
Committee: 吳金雄
Chin-Shyurng Fahn
Shi-Jinn Horng
Degree: 碩士
Department: 電資學院 - 資訊工程系
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
Thesis Publication Year: 2019
Graduation Academic Year: 107
Language: 中文
Pages: 78
Keywords (in Chinese): 人臉辨識人臉偵測深度學習
Keywords (in other languages): Face Reconition, Face detection, deep learning
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  智慧型手機的功能需要靠各式各樣的APP來擴充,本論文成功將深度學習的「SSD 物件偵測」、「MTCNN人臉偵測」、「arc face人臉辨識」演算法實作在Android手機環境,做出具有實用功能的人臉解鎖APP。並設計出計算速度較快且準度較高的SSD人臉偵測的演算法,也比較了SSD 及MTCNN演算法的優缺點,分析了人臉辨識流程中的各階段的耗時,以及分析人臉偵測準確度難以提升的原因。本論文之人臉辨識APP針對手機硬體效能量身訂做,在準確度與速度間取得平衡,製作出良好使用者體驗的APP。

A smart phone is a mobile phone that has a mobile operating system and can be expanded by installing application software, games, and the like. Its computing power and functions are superior to traditional functional phones.
The function of the smart phone is expanded by various APPs. This paper successfully implements the deep learning "SSD object detection", "MTCNN face detection" and "arc face face recognition" algorithm in Android mobile phone environment, make a face unlocking app with practical functions. The algorithm of SSD face detection with faster calculation speed and higher accuracy is designed. The advantages and disadvantages of SSD and MTCNN algorithms are also compared. The time consumption of each stage in the face recognition process is analyzed. And found out the reason why face detection accuracy is difficult to improve. The face recognition APP of this thesis is tailor-made for mobile phones, achieving a balance between accuracy and speed, and making an APP with a good user experience.

目錄 摘要------------------------------------------------ I Abstract-------------------------------------------- II 致謝------------------------------------------------ III 國立台灣科技大學學位論文創新聲明-------------------- IV 目錄------------------------------------------------ V 圖目錄---------------------------------------------- VII 表目錄---------------------------------------------- IX 第一章緒論------------------------------------------- 1 1.1研究動機與目的------------------------------------ 1 1.2相關研究-------------------------------------------2 第二章 系統架構與相關硬體規格-------------------------4 2.1系統架構-------------------------------------------4 2.2相關硬體規格---------------------------------------5 2.3使用環境與操作說明---------------------------------5 第三章 深度學習介紹-----------------------------------8 3.1深度學習原理---------------------------------------8 3.2卷積神經網路--------------------------------------10 3.3 池化層-------------------------------------------12 3.4深度學習人臉辨識原理------------------------------13 3.4.1深度學習分類器原理--------------------------13 3.4.2 深度學習人臉辨識原理-----------------------13 3.4.3 神經網路設計-------------------------------17 第四章 深度學習中的物件偵測介紹與相關研究探討--------20 4.1 目標檢測介紹-------------------------------------20 4.2 R-CNN--------------------------------------------21 4.3 fast R-CNN---------------------------------------23 4.4 Faster R-CNN-------------------------------------24 4.5 Yolo---------------------------------------------26 4.6 SSD----------------------------------------------30 4.7 MTCNN--------------------------------------------34 第五章 驗證標準介紹----------------------------------39 5.1二元分類器驗證方式--------------------------------39 5.2物件偵測驗證方式----------------------------------42 5.3驗證資料集介紹------------------------------------45 5.3.1 LFW資料集介紹------------------------------45 5.3.2 wider face資料集介紹-----------------------46 第六章 系統效能與實作---------------------------------46 6.1 SSD 演算法於Android之實現------------------------46 6.2 MTCNN演算法於Android之實現-----------------------53 6.3 人臉辨識模型訓練及Android實現---------------------57 6.4 Android UI 實作------------------------------------59 6.5 系統效能-------------------------------------------61 第七章 結論--------------------------------------------65 7.1研究成果-------------------------------------------66 7.2未來展望-------------------------------------------67

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