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Author: 卓錦德
Jin-De Jhuo
Thesis Title: 具匿名保護與使用自我驗證鑑別加密機制之密封式競標
An Anonymous Sealed-bid Auction Mechanism Using Self-certified Authenticated Encryption Scheme
Advisor: 吳宗成
Tzong-Chen Wu
Cheng-Huang Hung
Committee: 陳正綱
Cheng-Kang Chen
Degree: 碩士
Department: 管理學院 - 資訊管理系
Department of Information Management
Thesis Publication Year: 2012
Graduation Academic Year: 100
Language: 中文
Pages: 79
Keywords (in Chinese): 密封式競標鑑別加密自我驗證匿名性雙線性配對
Keywords (in other languages): sealed-bid auction, authentcated encryption, self-certified, anonymity, bilinear pairing
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Sealed-bid auction could be applied in many places, such as government engineering, especially the bidder’s identity and the protection of bidding price is an important design issue. In the past, many scholars have been proposed many sealed-bid auction models. In their schemes, the definition of anonymity is to emphasize the bidder’s identity should be anonymous when bidding. However, considering the physical application, the bidder’s identity should be anonymous not only when bidding but also when opening to ensure the fairness. So we propose an anonymity sealed-bid auction using the self-certified authenticated encryption scheme. In our scheme, the auctioneer can self-certify whether the bidder is legal or not and let the bidder designate the auctioneer to bid in order to ensure the bidding information will not be exposed. Besides, the auctioneer also can self-verify the bidder’s validity and legality, and then can obtain the bidding price. Most importantly, in the bidding and opening phase, everyone including the bidders, auctioneers and auction manager doesn’t know the identity of bidders until the highest price is ensured and then the auctioneer shall verify the validity of bidding information and also verify the correctness of identity.

中文摘要 I ABSTRACT II 誌謝 III 圖目錄 VII 表目錄 VIII 第一章 緒論 1 1.1 研究背景與動機 1 1.2 研究目的 5 第二章 文獻探討 9 2.1 雙線性配對函數 9 2.2 鑑別加密機制 10 2.3 Hoblbl等人所提出的基於身分之鑑別式金鑰交換機制 12 2.4 Shao所提出之利用雙線性配對的自我驗證簽章機制 17 第三章 本研究所提出之方法 22 3.1 系統角色與架構 22 3.2 符號定義 26 3.3 金鑰中心系統建置階段 27 3.4 金鑰對申請階段 29 3.5 競標註冊階段 40 3.6 競標階段 47 3.7 開標階段 52 3.8 得標者身分確認階段 55 3.9 競標糾紛處理階段 58 第四章 安全與效率分析 59 4.1 安全分析 59 4.1.1 安全需求 61 4.1.2 操作需求 63 4.2 效率分析 64 第五章 結論與未來研究方向 68 5.1 結論 68 5.2 未來研究方向 70 參考文獻 71 附錄A 重要名詞中英文對照表 77

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