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Author: 謝慧怡
I-Hui Hsieh
Thesis Title: 衝破國境束縛-於新冠疫情的破繭重生對策~ 以日本航空台灣支店為例
Breaking the Boundaries of National Borders- Strategies for Rebirth in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic ~ A Case Study of Japan Airlines Taiwan Branch
Advisor: 鄭仁偉
Jen-Wei Cheng
Committee: 陳俊男
Chun-Nan Chen
Shih-Hao Lu
Degree: 碩士
Department: 管理學院 - 企業管理系
Department of Business Administration
Thesis Publication Year: 2023
Graduation Academic Year: 111
Language: 中文
Pages: 53
Keywords (in Chinese): 新冠疫情危機管理異業結盟網路平台經濟組織敏捷性
Keywords (in other languages): Covid 19, Crisis Management, Cross-Industry Alliance, Internet Platform Economy, Organizational Agility
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The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus erupted at the end of 2019 and quickly spread to many countries around the world in early 2020, becoming a global pandemic that has impacted various industries. The airline industry was hit hard as countries implemented lockdowns and isolation policies, causing a significant drop in passenger numbers and leading many airlines to face unprecedented crises of bankruptcy and layoffs.Similarly, Japan Airlines suffered a significant decline in revenue due to the pandemic, and while many airlines used cargo planes to increase revenue, Japan Airlines had to use existing passenger planes to carry cargo, making it difficult to balance the large amount of funds required for operation. As a result, the Japan Airlines branches worldwide had to come together to brainstorm and overcome the crisis. The Taiwan branch of Japan Airlines urgently called for a meeting of all managers to discuss emergency response measures and set up various small groups to think about how to reduce expenses and increase revenue. Cross-border companies faced many challenges in crisis management and had to seek feasible possibilities for cross-industry collaboration to establish new departments, utilize online platforms to sell products, and more. The next step is to consider how to sustain the new department and whether there is room for improvement in response strategies. The changes brought about by the pandemic are worth deep reflection and exploration. The main focus of this case study is to share how Japan Airlines' Taiwan branch responded to the COVID-19 crisis, the challenges faced by cross-border companies, and how to utilize existing resources and cross-industry alliances to create business opportunities. The aim is to provide reference for similar industries facing unexpected situations in the future.

誌 謝 I 摘 要 II ABSTRACT III 目 錄 IV 圖目錄 V 表目錄 VI 壹、個案本文 1 開場白 1 一、航空產業概況 2 二、個案公司背景與概況 4 三、個案公司面對的危機與應變 7 四、營運策略的改變 9 五、新部門的成立 16 六、個案討論問題 20 貳、教學指引 21 一、個案總覽 21 二、設定個案討論議題的思考邏輯 22 三、適用課程與對象 23 四、課前準備與問題討論 24 五、個案人物角色說明 24 六、個案分析 25 七、教學建議與時間分配 35 八、板書規劃 37 參考文獻 44 中文文獻 44

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