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Author: 劉昊昀
Hao-Yun Liu
Thesis Title: 基於裝置與用戶移動性的個人雲端儲存系統
A Personal Cloud Storage System for Device and User Mobility
Advisor: 項天瑞
Tien-Ruey Hsiang
Committee: 羅乃維
Nai-Wei Lo
Huei-Wen Ferng
Degree: 碩士
Department: 電資學院 - 資訊工程系
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
Thesis Publication Year: 2015
Graduation Academic Year: 103
Language: 中文
Pages: 47
Keywords (in Chinese): 行動裝置雲端儲存檔案系統
Keywords (in other languages): mobile device, cloud, storage, file system
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  • 近幾年來雲端儲存服務一直是熱門的雲端服務項目之一,為了讓用戶群有著低延
    善。Content Delivery Network(CDN) 在過去幾年被廣泛使用在基於地理用戶的網
    頁內容儲存,CDN 確保了快速的網頁回應時間以及下載時間,此項技術也開始
    Geo-Replication 即是這種概念,將檔案從較遠的資料中心緩存在較近的資料中
    統的緩存策略是基於行動裝置的地區性來產生3 層的緩存,系統結合行動裝置的
    位置資訊以及檔案區塊的管理來達到closet 的效果,在區塊分布儲存的方式下,

    Cloud storage service has been one of the popular cloud services in recent years.To provide low latency file access and high quality service for customers, cloud storage providers focus on improving the characteristic of geographical location. Content delivery network has come of age. CDN delivers webpages and Web content to users based on their geographic locations. It ensures a faster response and shorter download time. The concept of closest cache has been applied in cloud storage service.

    An alternate approach is replicating all objects to all data centers like georeplication. To cache replicas in closet region from remote region have the same effect as CDN.As the amount of data grows, the architecture of decentralized cloud storage system has expanded rapidly. By using the computing and idle storage space in each storage device will become a trend in the future. These peers in decentralized system are distributed around the world. However, good P2P technique still can be developed.The rapid rise of mobile devices inspired us to file caching in decentralized architecture, so we propose a new file access strategy for mobile devices and user mobility. Users access their files faster from cloud storage even if they use mobile device in remote location. The new cache strategy in our system is based on the region of mobile device to generate a three-tier cache system. The system combines location of mobile devices and file chunk management to achieve the closet goal. In chunk storage, no one can get whole chunks, so we ensure file privacy. Finally, we evaluated our system by download speed in a realistic network
    simulation model.

    中文摘要 i 英文摘要 ii 誌謝 iv 目錄 v 表目錄 viii 圖目錄 ix 1 簡介 1 1.1 背景 1 1.2 研究動機 2 1.3 研究目的 4 1.4 論文架構 5 2 相關研究 6 2.1 分散式雲端儲存應用 7 2.1.1 Wuala 7 2.1.2 Symform 7 2.1.3 BitTorrent Sync 9 2.1.4 AeroFs 9 2.2 儲存系統延遲及相關解決辦法 10 2.2.1 Geo-replication 11 3 系統設計 13 3.1 應用目標 13 3.2 系統預覽 13 3.3 檔案上傳 16 3.3.1 檔案區塊名單分配 16 3.3.2 上傳程序 17 3.4 下載檔案 17 3.4.1 行動回報 17 3.4.2 行動裝置下載程序 18 3.5 檔案同步 20 3.5.1 檔案區塊移動策略 20 3.5.2 cache 管理 23 3.5.3 metadata 管理 23 4 系統模擬與效能評估 25 4.1 模擬環境 25 4.2 模擬設定 26 4.3 實驗模擬分析 27 4.3.1 基礎下載速率測試 27 4.3.2 移動方案評估 28 4.3.3 修復策略評估30 5 結論與未來展望 32 參考文獻 33

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