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作者姓名(英文):Fu-Chi Chen
論文名稱(外文):Sharing Economic Business Model and California Regulations Legislation: a Case Study on Uber
指導教授姓名(英文):Yun Ken
口試委員姓名(英文):Chien-Chung Yuan
Chun-Chieh Wang
Hong-Wen Tsai
外文關鍵詞:Digital EconomySharing EconomyTransportation Network CompaniesRegulatory Legislation
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共享經濟新創企業從發跡、茁壯到即將上市, Uber是最受到矚目及爭議的焦點公司。本研究透過個案研究法,以華爾街日報新聞事件作為研究資料來源,將325篇報導與爭議事件整理成六大類型,藉以描繪Uber在快速成長的過程,發生的爭議事件型態。並觀察孕育最多新創公司的加州,與政府監理機關-公共事業委員會制定法規的歷程,觀察主管機關所關切的監管焦點,及監管制度完成後,是否能彌平與計程車公司的衝突、消費者權益的保障、以及提升社會總體利益。

The proportion of digital economy in each country gradually increased the proportion of GDP has become an important issue of industrial upgrading, of which the economy shared the benefits of the network platform is much larger than the scale of the industry in the past. Therefore, the growth rate is much faster than the past business model. The supply side and the demand side are highly efficient through the network platform. In the past, the conception of property rights was the ownership type. The shared economy facilitates those idle resources through the internet platform to meet the needs of consumers. Consumers can be satisfied with the lower price level of products or services. Uber, the unicorn company with the highest valuation in the Unlisted company, has also disturbed the order of industries, caused many lawsuits and clashed with taxi companies and supervisors.

Uber is the most watched and controversial company from sharing economy start-ups. This study, based on the case study method and the Wall Street Journal news event, was used to research 325 sources of controversial articles and classified them into six types in order to depict Uber's rapid growth and controversial events. Then look at California, where the most startups are conceived, in the process of making laws and regulations with the government regulatory authority, the Public Affairs Commission, to look at the regulatory focus that concerns the authorities. This article is concerned with the completion of laws and regulations, whether it can be smoothed with the existing taxi company conflict, the protection of consumer rights and interests, as well as the overall social interests.

Finally, the section of the Uber controversy that did not include the statute of the California Public utility commission regulations, illustrates the impact of a district court or federal court decision. For new patterns of shared economy that span many industry segments, identify other controversial items that may need attention and prepare in advance. The results of this study will be used as a reference for the enactment of laws and regulations by follow-on entrepreneurs and governments in the regulation of another sharing economy business model.
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